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Oracle: Any person or thing serving as an agency of divine communication


About Me

Amid my personal rock bottom, in one of the darkest places I have been, I found a light within me. 

I had always been intuitive, I could see or feel the truth, even if my own experiences clouded my judgment. With this light, everything is clearer than ever before.The light is within everyone. It is the source of our intuition, our creativity, and our love. It is the power that can help us overcome any obstacle.

I offer Oracle Readings to help you uncover the light within you. Together, we can discover your true potential.

Solar Eclipse

My experience was enlightening. Tory’s intuition and guidance helped me work through things that hadn’t officially surfaced yet and for that I am grateful. Being able to appropriately reflect and realize a deeper understanding of self gave me much fulfillment and put me at a level of peace I have been seeking for some time now. I left feeling lighter and really good. I'll be back!


I've had the pleasure of receiving a Celtics Cross reading from Tory in a private virtual session. She's very thorough in explaining the cards that are drawn for you and takes her time to explore how these particular cards may relate to your life and experiences. I came into the session with a heavy heart since the loss of a special loved one, but I felt a little lighter after it was over. I think I even said that I felt like it was a much needed therapy for my soul. Tory is a very genuine and caring person. I hope that you get a chance to have a reading with her to help you through some of your experiences in life.


I cannot sing enough praises for Tory. The reading was done virtually for my convenience. She was incredibly insightful, inquisitive, and detailed. One of the best comprehensive readings I have ever had! Tory encouraged me to take notes during our session for future reflection. She answered any questions that I may have had and provided great perspective to the reading. Simply the best!



"Have no discrepancy between what you say, what you are and what you do."

Dalai Lama


Feel heavy, stuck, or lost and spinning in the dark? I’m here to help. We’ll work together to lighten your path so you can take your next steps in confidence. Contact me with any questions and let your light shine.

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